Bipolar Mums founder

Bipolar Mums founder Mariska is a mum-of-three and wife-of-one who lives alongside Kangaroos, Koalas and lots of Possums in Australia.  Mariska works in communications within the international development sector – she has a passion for coming alongside the poorest of the poor – people with a disability living in poverty.

After giving birth to her first child, Mariska became extremely unwell and was humiliated to be taken in the back of a police divvy van to a Psychiatric hospital, where she stayed for six weeks.  

After this experience, Mariska pledged to do everything she could to improve life for other mums with Bipolar Disorder. She has been an ambassador for a research project into the impact of taking anti-psychotic medication during pregnancy and has spoken publicly about the need to better support mums with a mental illness on TV, radio and in Australian newspapers.

Mariska has a passion for encouraging women in their daily lives. She offers inspiring insights into life as a mum (who happens to have Bipolar Disorder) at

2 thoughts on “Bipolar Mums founder”

  1. I find it difficult to connect with other bipolar mums too (I am in Canberra). I think there is just so much stigma, and in Australia the resources are all funnelled into PND. Thanks for setting this up!

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